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Cricket World Cup : World Cup Points Table 2019 Updated ICC Cricket World Cup Team Standings After India vs New Zealand Match Cricket next Staff |June 14, 2019, 9:11 AM ISTWorld Cup Points Table 2019

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Weather forecasts at Nottingham ahead of the ICC World Cup 2019 match between India and New Zealand predicted a wet day and that was exactly what fans got as an unprecedented fourth match was washed out on Thursday. The result means points were shared between the two unbeaten sides.

The top four teams in the ICC world cup points table by the end of the group stages will then take part in the semi-final, with the winners playing the final.The ICC World Cup 2019 points table will be decided on the basis of the teams which have the most points in descending order. Teams will be given two points for a win, one point for a tie/NR (except the semi-finals and final which will be decided by a super over in case of a tie), and no points for a loss.

The 2019 tournament consists of 10 participating teams, out of which two sides — West Indies and Afghanistan — made the cut through World Cup qualifiers in 2018. England made the cut as the host nation.

As far as the tournament prize money is concerned, the winner of the 2019 World Cup will be awarded four million dollars (INR 28.04 crore), the highest prize money to date. Australia received 3,975,000 dollars when they won the 2015 World Cup on their home soil.

Apart from the winner, the runners-up will be given two million dollars (INR 14.02 crore), while the losing semi-finalists are assured of 0.80 million dollars (INR 5.60 crore) each.
Cricket World Cup is washed out by its slavish devotion to TV demands

The ICC were very quick to react when Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka was rained off
It became the third game of the Cricket World Cup lost due to the bad weather
It is another example of a competition organised despite the fans’ best interests

So it really doesn’t matter if they miss out on a rearranged fixture, if that is what happens. They weren’t going to see any cricket but at least this way someone does. And if they can afford to hang around, it could be them. But what of the rest of it? Pitches, recovery, travel, accommodation, staffing, and

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Well, it cannot be that much of an issue, because later in Richardson’s statement none of it matters.

‘We have reserve days factored in for the knockout stages,’ he admits. So if the semi-finals and final can be rearranged without impact on the logistical infrastructure why not the earlier matches? ‘Over the course of 45 group games we should play the large majority,’ Richardson insisted.

Exactly, so why the fuss? No more than two games had ever been lost at a World Cup but now it’s four already after Thursday’s washout between India and New Zealand.
A group of Bangladesh fans stand in the rain as the covers remain on in Bristol this week

A group of Bangladesh fans stand in the rain as the covers remain on in Bristol this week

Even if that rises we are still talking a handful of matches. Yet, apparently, the ICC do not have the wit to create space in the schedule for to accommodate rearranged matches.

Actually, the fix doesn’t have to involve reserve days for every game, just a short gap before the semi-finals. Maybe across two venues, close by: a festival within a festival. So far, four fixtures need reshooting: Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, South Africa v West Indies, Sri Lanka v Pakistan, India v New Zealand. So that’s two venues, two days, say Lord’s and the Oval, making use of the capital for the best chance of finding accommodation.

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And if Sri Lanka have to play twice in 48 hours so be it. Better that, surely, than to shake hands and take a split of the two points? Cricketers play five days of Test matches straight off, what is so different about World Cup fixtures?

If the ICC are worried about spectators, then ticket holders from the cancelled games can be prioritised for the rescheduled ones. Fans who had travelled hours to be at the previous event might be willing to travel hours to this one, too.

And how exciting if a place in the semi-final came down to these rearranged matches, rather than a country missing out due to an unfortunate weather pattern?

Thursday’s game between India and New Zealand could have been hugely significant. Now we will never know. What other international competition would leave such an enticing event hanging? It makes the competition look inconsequential.

England and Wales were awarded this World Cup in 2006. That’s more than 13 years to agree on a format that ensures the maximum amount of cricket. It is not as if rain in an English summer is entirely unforeseeable either.

This country has hosted four previous World Cups and got lucky with the weather. Yet some of those had reserve days built in and the earliest ones featured just 15 games. But this time the organisers couldn’t be bothered to anticipate the issues of a typical English June and plan accordingly.
This is another example of a competition organised despite the best interests of the fans

This is another example of a competition organised despite the best interests of the fans

It is just another example of a major competition organised despite the best interests of the fans, rather than around them. This only happens for two reasons. One is television, the other money. This one is television.

The reason a 10-team tournament drags on for more than a month and a half yet apparently has no room for manoeuvre in its calendar is because the ICC and the broadcasters have agreed that, with very few exceptions, there will only be one match played each day. To have reserve slots for individual matches therefore interferes with that purity.

A block of reserve dates would not have to make a long competition longer, as the ICC claim. They have done that already with their slavish devotion to the demands of television. Sri Lanka have now lost consecutive games to the weather, meaning by Saturday they will have gone 11 days between matches.

Bangladesh, meanwhile, have ended up sharing points in a game their coach Steve Rhodes said had been targeted for a win. ‘We have got quite a lot of time between games, and if we have got to travel a day later, then so be it,’ he said. ‘We put men on the moon, so why can’t we have a reserve day, when this tournament is spread out?’

Yet that would mean prioritising fans, and fairness. There will be cricket on the moon before that happens, particularly if the broadcasters want it.

We know Semenya’s no dope

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